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Bladeless LASIK in NYC

Dr. Pamel is the first doctor in New York to utilize the most advanced, all-laser, bladeless LASIK system called Z LASIK. Developed by the Ziemer Group in Switzerland, this femtosecond technology is the fastest and most accurate bladeless LASIK technology available. Unlike other bladeless laser eye surgery systems which require higher levels of energy on the cornea, the Ziemer LDV uses less energy per pulse and is, therefore, more gentle on corneal tissue. This technology is the most advanced bladeless technology available and will provide your Ziemer LDV Femtosecond Laser
Ziemer LDV Femtosecond Laser
eyes the safest and most accurate vision restoration treatment. It is able to create thinner flaps than a standard microkeratome, which means that it can treat patients who otherwise may not be a candidate for LASIK surgery. Thin flaps are also safer in that they do not weaken the cornea as much as flaps made with a blade. In combination with the Wavelight Allegretto laser, the Ziemer LDV gives superior results and is safer than a standard microkeratome procedure, which uses a blade. It provides a faster treatment and less energy, less induced inflammation and therefore less chance of complications than the Intralase FS system. Call today for your free consultation to determine if you’re a candidate for the no-cut, bladeless LASIK procedure.

This image of a cross section of the cornea using optical coherence tomography (OCT) shows the thin flap created by the Ziemer LDV.