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Multifocial Intraocular Lenses

Multifocal lens implants are a type of intraocular lens (IOL) offered at our office. A multifocal IOL is designed to correct both distance and near vision.

The ReZoom, ReStor and Tecnis IOLs are the multifocal IOLs approved by the FDA in the United States. These IOLs lenses have a series of rings of varying powers which correct for nearby, distant, and intermediate vision. An IOL is typically implanted during a cataract operation when the cloudy lens (cataract is removed and replaced). The multifocal IOL works best when it is implanted in both eyes.Dr. Gregory Pamel has been performing multifocal IOL procedures and crystalline lens removal for cataracts patients since implantable contact lenses became available in the United States more than five years ago.

A new modification of this procedure has been called Prelex, which stands for presbyopic lens exchange. This procedure involves the use of the multifocal implantable contact lens in those patients who are farsighted (with a + prescription in their spectacles or contact lenses) as a vision correcting procedure. For example, in a 50-year-old patient who may be farsighted and presbyopic with a spectacle prescription of +5.00 diopters, the Prelex procedure could be performed to correct the patient’s vision as an alternative to certain operations. Rather than correcting the patient’s vision by performing one operation, Dr. Pamel can correct the vision by performing a lens exchange procedure, replacing the patient’s natural crystalline lens with a multifocal implantable contact lens.

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